November 11, 2016

You Can Choose Between Organic And Synthetic Wax

Category: Skin Treatments – Sarah – 9:10 am

Getting waxed for the first time can make you nervous but there is absolutely no need to be. To make things easier, you can consult with you waxing specialist before coming for the treatment regarding the procedure and what you should be doing before that. To prepare the skin for waxing and to ensure best results, it is advised that clients exfoliate the area that needs to be waxed before coming for the treatment. This will reduce in-growth. You will always get a waxing treatment done except if the hair length is too short. The best results are achieved if the hair are grown for atleast 3 weeks as that length can easily be removed from roots without any breaking or unsatisfactory results. You can also opt between organic and natural wax at Waxing by Celeste if you have a certain preference. Waxing specialists are aware that some areas on the body could be more sensitive than the others, therefore, they handle them accordingly. Sometimes, they might also apply a combination of hard and warm wax so it is easier and less painful to remove hair from such areas. The type of wax to be used depends on the area that needs waxing. Rightly done, the pain in waxing is reduced by a lot.

Getting waxed for the very first time can involve a little pain but after a few sessions, the pain gets lesser. Your body will get used to the treatment eventually, making the entire experience almost painless. Waxing is most convenient for getting rid of hair from underarms as this procedure will ensure you don’t need to shave your underarms for as long as three weeks depending on your hair growth speed and cycle. Hair regrow faster for some people than the other so it is entirely dependent on your body as to when you will need another session.

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