June 5, 2016

What Is Sports Anxiety?

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Sports anxiety, is also known as “performance anxiety,”. It is becoming really common these days that leaves a negative impact on the professional life of the players may it be junior player or a professional one. A very famous example quoted in this regard is that of Indiana Pacers. It has been a struggling team for long and that attracted many sports psychologists to study the reason behind it. While considering several aspects, the famous psychologist Steve Curtis came up with the conclusion that the team suffered anxiety. His report revealed that the aftermath of such high level anxiety was egocentrism, self-conclusions, lack of team spirit and above all the worst thing to happen is the tunnel vision. If the situation becomes worse, the body refuses to respond. According to sports psychologist Rob Bell, one reason behind their failure was lack of confidence which forced them to over think and this also became a major cause of anxiety. Fortunately, this is not something which cannot be cured. It can be dealt with at personal and professional level both.

hqdefaultThe anxiety starts taking shape in the form of fear. The nervousness and the feeling of inability can also be the cause of fear leading to anxiety. Anxiety is something that begins in the mind but the impact is soon seen physically also. Profound sweating, increased heartbeat, shivering, trembling, dryness in mouth and even the feeling of numbness all can accompany the anxiety. In the worst conditions, the one suffering anxiety can faint after feeling dizzy. A person suffering from anxiety gets exhausted very quickly and so he is not able to pay attention to the game. The personal anxieties become the real cause of the team’s defeat. Zaynez is a great place to find the tips and solutions to bring out your team from the ditches of disappointment.

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