November 18, 2016

What Are The Positive Effects of Consuming Green Coffee Beans?

Category: Nutrition – Sarah – 8:08 am

There are many supplements and steroids which affect the weight of an individual by speeding up the metabolism and burning off the bad body fat. These supplements are getting popular in the masses because people are anxious to have the perfect body figure so that everyone would admire them and they would fit in the society easily.

Realizing this factor, dietary businesses opened up all around the world which sell products which claim to shed pounds in a very less time. Since 2012, green coffee bean extract has become famous after it appeared on the Dr. Oz show where he claimed that it worked like a miracle when it comes to losing weight and shedding that fat right off the body.

The question that some people might ask is why green coffee bean extract? You see many people consuming coffee so that they get thin then why the green beans? What are the green coffee beans?

Green coffee beans are simply beans obtained from Coffea plant and they are not roasted. The ordinary coffee beans that you use to make coffee are roasted. Coffee beans are roasted to enhance the taste but it makes them lose the nutrition. On the other hand, the green beans are packed with chlorogenic acid and the amount of caffeine is more too.

Chlorogenic acid supposedly has health benefits; it reduces high blood pressure, decreases sugar level in the patient of diabetes and also help with some infections. The main purpose for which it is being used nowadays is to affect the metabolic rate of the body. When the metabolic rate is high, it burns fat faster yet in a healthy way. Due to such progressive effects, green coffee bean is wildly becoming popular for weight loss.

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