February 1, 2016

The Rise of Plastic Surgeries

Category: Surgery – Sarah – 3:49 pm

The number of people willingly taking the risks of plastic surgeries is amazing, it costs a lot and has its dangers but the trend of plastic surgeries is on the rise, and studies have shown that social media has only aggravated the craze of plastic surgeries, and studies have shown aging is not the only reason behind people undergoing the plastic and cosmetic surgeries, there are lot of physical and psychological factors involved in people having these plastic surgeries.

Plastic surgery has become a style statement or an iconic thing to do for most of richer people of the society, a study last year proved that plastic surgery is a result of a psychological want and not a physical need in almost 80% of the people who undergo a surgery, a huge percentage of these people is women and they want to undergo a plastic surgery not because there is a physical requirement but their psychology wants them to.

If you are new to the world of cosmetic and plastic surgeries and just learning about it then you must be thinking that aging people must undergo these cosmetic and plastic surgeries, but ironically that is not the case, even teens get these surgeries done, from face reshaping, laser hair removal to feature restructuring almost about 5% of the total number of people who undergo a plastic surgery are people aged between 15-19.

Being a multi-million dollar industry the presence of cosmetic and plastic sculpt surgery in every corner of the globe is not surprising and in Perth there are some of the best plastic surgeons in all of Australia, Perth plastic surgeons at pier street cosmetics are some of the most renowned in the country and provide almost all types of advanced and laser cosmetic and plastic surgeries.

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