May 6, 2016

The 7 Minute Workout

Category: Fitness – Sarah – 10:35 am

The scientific 7 minute workout is power packed, high intensity and a really consuming workout which has been a revelation, it is not recommended to the faint hearted and if only you are among those who are up for any challenge, then this is the one for you, otherwise don’t even think about doing the 7 minute workout, you might think that what difference would 7 minutes make, if you follow the instructions right and take the right steps then the 7 minutes would make all the difference.

What the 7 minute workout includes is a set of these exercises,

  1. Jumping jacks
  2. Wall Sits
  3. Push-up
  4. Abdominal crunch
  5. Squats
  6. Triceps dip on chairs
  7. Planks
  8. Lunges.

These are the core exercises that are included in the scientific 7 article-2322470-19B6EE7F000005DC-949_634x380minute work and if you even have time left you can add high knees running in place, and if you do this workout in routine then you will find out that after sometime you will still have a minute or 45 seconds left to add the 9th exercise which is high knees running in place. This combination of amazing exercises will cover your entire body and get you on course to having core fitness, it will not get you ripped or you would never get the results you would get from a 120 minute workout but if you don’t have time for that then it is the best for you.

It is said that you must do your workout in the morning or evening is the best time for it, I think there is no such thing because doing workout is what is required and no particular time is recommended, plainly it would be fair to say that every time is good for a workout you just need to do it.

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