November 20, 2015

Some Amazingly Healthy Meal Prep Ideas

Category: Nutrition – Sarah – 2:05 pm

How about you just cook once and eat for the entire week, and all of that fresh and healthy, this is the biggest advantage of preparing healthy meals in advance, but people are confused about what dishes to prepare, and which remain fresh and eatable for a week and which do not, there are countless websites and foodies who share their meal prep ideas on the social media whether it is the instagram, facebook or any other social media website.

In this article I will try to share some of my personal favorite pre prepped meals which I love feasting on, which are quick, healthy and amazing. Whatever type of meal you prepare, make sure it provides you with the required nutrition and try adding fruits along with some protein, this is my way of preparing these amazingly healthy meals.

healthy meal prep ideas
For breakfast you can try the date bread kabobs and fruit skewered, you can add any fruit you like, I love the taste of berries and strawberries with the strong taste of date bread. The most healthy meal prep ideas of them all is the oatmeal and fruit jars, this is the most energizing and quick breakfast you can consume. I call it the energy jars, and then the easiest of them all are the breakfast sandwiches, you can prep them in minutes and they are quick and handy as well, and provide protein and some carbohydrates as well, and it is better to intake carbohydrates in the morning.

Lunch jar ideas can differ from person to person, I personally love the skewered salmon kabobs with veggies, and these are easily prepped and does no harm whatsoever to health as well. The grilled chicken with brown rice and veggies box is another great option for your lunch or dinner.

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