June 14, 2015

Proper Transitioning To Consistent Exercise

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Say you’ve just started off on a workout program. You’ve plotted a target distance to jog within a given period of time. You’ve started following a exercise schedule designed for you to gain a little more mass. You’ve probably gone as far as purchasing one of those home video workout schedules.

Whatever choices you make when you make the conscious commitment to getting your body in shape is a good choice, as long as you get approval from your doctor and support from your loved ones. However, you may find yourself off to a good start, only to overdo it and get sick and sore, to the point that you stop. You can call it your ‘recovery’, but if you don’t remind yourself of your commitment, you may find yourself in a worse situation that you were in when you started – you’re back to not exercise, and this time you’re feeling genuinely guilty about it.

workoutThe first thing to keep in mind, the first thing to understand is that you aren’t going to be in the level of health and physical fitness you are aiming to be in over the course of an hour. Getting to that level takes time. You don’t need to be a fitness expert to know that, but you need to understand it in your heart so you don’t push yourself too far, only to crash and burn. Get involved in an exercise community, or check out more inspiration and motivation from www.defendyourhealthcare.us.

Second, you should always remember to warm up and cool down, especially if you’re transitioning from being a couch potato to a fat-burning dynamo. You’re going to moving a whole lot when you’re starting off, and you need your muscles to transition correctly so that you avoid getting injured, you would have a greater range of motion, and you would ultimately be moving faster and stronger in no time. A lot of good warm up and cool down regimen can also be found in www.defendyourhealthcare.us.

It helps at times to think like a turtle. Slow and steady will definitely win you the race.

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