October 13, 2016

Posture is The Leading Cause of Many Joint Injuries

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Posture is one of the main factors that lead to serious injuries in the future like joint pain, knee muscle weakness and arthritis. Therapists make it a point to ensure their clients work on their posture to avoid such conditions that are a result of unnecessary pressure on joints. When a patient comes in, the first thing many therapists do is the movement analysis because the main problem lies somewhere in the bad movement and posture of the person. If that is fixed in time, the condition can be improved or completely reversed in some cases. To relieve the pain, the patients are advised to follow a certain movement and exercise routine. But once the condition is improved, it is crucial for the therapists to keep an eye on the patients’ posture to ensure permanent improvement rather than a temporary one that is again affected in the future. You can visit http://stridestrong.com/ to read more about the topic and what measures need to be taken to counter the problem. It is of utmost importance that you follow the complete procedure advised by your physical therapist if you want to heal yourself completely. There are no medicines involved but a full exercise and body movements routine is drafted for the person according to the specific conditions of the patient in order to let the body heal on its own. If the procedure is not followed completely, chances are the condition will only worsen.

Knee pain

Physical therapists strongly believe that the best medicine for injuries is proper targeted exercise instead of conventional medicines that can suppress the pain but cannot completely heal the condition. The body itself has healing properties that should be used to their fullest and the key to doing that is to draft injury and condition specific exercises to enhance muscle movements as well as achieve pain relief.

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