Family Counseling

Family therapy is a unique process whereas traditional psychotherapy involved focusing on the individual, family therapy involves members of the immediate family in the counseling process. Family therapy is a valid option to promote better understanding of “stale” family dynamics, unresolved grief in the family legacy, or as additional support for families during key life-changing and transitional points in the family life-cycle. Family therapy may be an ideal choice when you are experiencing difficulties with communication, emotion, and healthy choices which transcend the individual. Often there are sources of pain and power dynamics which can only be fruitfully addressed in the context of the family dynamic as a whole–and family therapy is a key place to begin that work.

Areas of specialization:

Adoption issues
Couples counseling
Marriage and Divorce therapy
Children experiencing or have experienced divorce
Blended families
Fertility/Infertility issues
Developmental life transitions with children and families
Interracial relationships/raising bi/multiracial children
Parenting issues and proactive parenting skills
Teenage life coaching