February 17, 2017

EHIC And Travel Insurance

Category: General – Sarah – 10:10 am

EHIC, European health insurance card and travel insurance are two completely different things, these are acquired for different purposes as these serve different facilities, getting both things is important as both things serve crucial purposes, getting the EHIC will not cover all the medical expenses but it will cover a significant part of it, there is no disadvantage of getting an EHIC, but the most common misconception is that EHIC covers travel insurance, getting EHIC can save you another 75 which you spend on freedom travel insurance policy.

There are a number of different types of EHIC, the applications differ from individual to family and children under the age of 16 get their cards on the information provided by guardians, renewal applications are much easier to process, the card which has completely expired or one which has only 6 months remaining can be applied for renewal.

You can apply for EHICfor free by doing it through an official website, but that can have its complications, it is recommended that you process your application through a checking and certification website like www.applyehiconline.co.uk, by doing that you get your application process watertight, the website is really helpful in gathering relevant information about EHIC, its validity and process, EHIC is valid in EU countries, and the way to use it is keep the valid card with you and pay for the medical expenses wherever required, and keep the receipts with you so that you get the reimbursement when you get back to UK, you are eligible to apply for EHIC if you are a UK citizen or a UK resident, the application process is almost identical but there are a few minor details which needs proper attention when filling up the application, getting it done with the help of experts at www.applyehiconline.co.uk will smooth up the process.

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