February 22, 2017

Different Kinds of Teeth Whitening Done by Dimayuga Clinic

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Smile is said to be the best thing about a person but not everyone is blessed with gleaming white teeth. Those people who are not blessed with this gift are embarrassed to smile and try to hide their teeth even while talking. Discolored or stained teeth have a deep effect on their life and they lose every shred of confidence. For all such people, we announce that there is a solution to all your dental problems.

Teeth whitening is a procedure through which stains are removed and teeth are whitened. It is offered by many clinics, one of which is Dimayuga Clinic which is located in Lynnwood, Washington. The clinic is known to offer the best whitening procedure in town and the customers leave the clinic smiling with their white teeth.

The clinic firstly advises the patient to use whitening tooth paste and mouth wash if the staining is mild. The advice is given because Dr. Dimayuga cares about the patient so he recommends these products as they are not expensive and will not burden the pocket at all. There are two more procedures offered by the clinic which are as follows:

Tray Bleaching
In this method, two products are used which are the custom made tray and the whitening gel. The tray is placed over the teeth with the bleaching gel in it and after the while, the peroxide in the gel starts working its magic.

Teeth Whitening Strips
These strips are made of polyethylene which is very thin and flexible. The strips have the bleaching material on one side which placed on the teeth and pressed light so that the strip attaches to all the teeth perfectly. The duration of the procedure depends upon the doctor and the state of the teeth.

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