May 30, 2015

Colonoscopy Recommended? What to Expect

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A colonoscopy is usually recommended to the patients above the age of 50 years or older.  The intension behind it is to examine the colon, in order to detect any possible signs of cancer or other fatal disease. When colonoscopy is recommended to my patients, I always witness some mixed to negative emotions. Excitement and joy are the least used words to describe their feelings. They’re unsure and afraid of the complications that may occur soon after they are done with the procedure.

However, after I’m done explaining to my patients of how simple, easy and super quick the procedure is and how beneficial it is to their health, they normally decide to undergo the procedure, without a concern.

Let me just elaborate what I usually tell all my patients in order to make them comfortable. Indeed, before they undergo such a crucial procedure, it is important to answer and highlight all the relevant information in regard to colonoscopy. Below are the answers of some frequently asked questions by my patients, that will help you understand what exactly colonoscopy is!

What Is The Purpose of A Colonoscopy?
orlando gastroenterologyThe purpose of the procedure is to examine the health of the large intestine through a tiny, flexible camera. During the colonoscopy, the individual is sedated. From the large intestine, microscopic samples of tissue are extracted, for biopsy. Moreover, the walls of the large intestine are examined to check for any abnormality.

Who Should Be Screened?
Normally, a person who is 50 years or above should go for a colonoscopy screening, in order to examine the health of the colon. If however, there is a history of colon cancer in your family, then it is advisable to get yourself checked because it is then, your chances of colon cancer are high. Moreover, if you experience symptoms such as diarrhea, pain, constipation or bleeding, then it is also a high time for you to get yourself screened.

Is A Colonoscopy Painful?
Most patients have a fearful attitude towards the colonoscopy screening but once you have it, you won’t even know whether it has started or ended. The patient is sometimes lightly sedated or in some cases, anesthetics are used.

What’s The Preparation for Colonoscopy Like?
The preparation for a colonoscopy is usually not very pleasant. You have to empty your bowel constantly and consume only and only clear liquids, juices, and absolutely no food! All patients are advised to stay near a bathroom.

After that, a preparation of a drink called Miralax, mixed with Gatorade G2 alongside 2 laxatives is given to the patient for a period of 6 hours. After the consumption, the patient experiences bowel movements that become more watery until the entire bowel empties.

The only discomfort that arises is the irritated anal tissues due to frequent bowel movements. Though, the problem can be remedied through ointments suggested by an orlando gastroenterology expert. Sometimes nausea is experienced after drinking the solution. Although, colonoscopy is not fun and exciting, yet the procedure is necessary and can help spotting colon cancer at an early stage, providing high prevention success rates.

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