February 23, 2015

What is a Rehabilitation Center

Category: Drug Abuse – Sarah 10:01 am

A rehabilitation center is a medical institution specially created for people who wants to get out of a certain addiction. This institution caters all the treatments and therapies needed for an individual to overcome the addiction they’ve been into.

This is also true in rehabilitation centers for alcoholism and drug addiction. Rehabilitation of this kind adopts the non 12 step rehab process which allows the patient to experience fast recovery.

An ideal rehabilitation need not have to feel like a clinic nor a hospital but rather a home to its residents. Patients have their individual quarters, a living room where they could interact with other residents, a garden, a therapy room, clinic, kitchen and so many more. The management allows them to live normally and calls on them when therapy sessions are up.

However, entering a rehabilitation center is not that easy. At first, they keep the patient in one isolated place, totally away from his addiction. As expected, patients have negative reactions to this phase since their bodies couldn’t adopt the new and strict environment or routine they’re into. But after they overcome this stage, everything will go smoothly. The patient will then undergo the non 12 step rehab just like the other residents.

non 12 step rehab

They will live their lives somehow normally. However, they are not allowed to go home because of these steps. They will have some close therapy sessions with their therapists and they have some activities to be fulfilled every now and then.

After quite some time, and that the therapist is certain that their patient is already ready for the real world and has already overcome his addiction already, then they will release him from the rehabilitation center. The center will monitor his behavior outside the center for quite some time.