February 25, 2017

Bottled Water VS. Spring Water

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More than half of our body is made up of water and some of our organs are more than 70% water as well. So, it is important that we really think about the kind of water we consume on a daily basis. Most of us drink the water that comes out of our faucets or tap water in general. This is bad for a number of reasons and if you know about the Flint water crisis, you probably know why tap water can be dangerous. So, which type of water is okay to consume? Is bottled water safe? Or is Spring Water safe? We will be discussing this further below.

Bottled Water:

Bottled water may seem like a better idea since it is readily available in stores and does not have to go through decades old corroded pipes, but this is not necessarily true. A lot of companies that boast that their drinking water is pure are actually just selling filtered tap water majority of the time.

Their water also consists of harmful chemicals like chlorine and fluorine as a treating agent which is harmful for us and lastly, most bottled waters are sold in plastic bottles which contain harmful plastic toxins. So, is bottled water safe? It is better than tap water but not necessarily the best option.

Spring Water:

Spring water is one of the cleanest sources of water you can find. It is filtered naturally and contains many naturally occurring mineral that are good for your health and you can even find them in glass bottles, making them a healthier option.

However, spring water is not something you can find at your local gas station and at the same time, because of its benefits and exclusivity, spring water is definitely going to be more expensive than bottled water.

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