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February 23, 2015

What is a Rehabilitation Center

Category: Drug Abuse – Sarah 10:01 am

A rehabilitation center is a medical institution specially created for people who wants to get out of a certain addiction. This institution caters all the treatments and therapies needed for an individual to overcome the addiction they’ve been into.

This is also true in rehabilitation centers for alcoholism and drug addiction. Rehabilitation of this kind adopts the non 12 step rehab process which allows the patient to experience fast recovery.

An ideal rehabilitation need not have to feel like a clinic nor a hospital but rather a home to its residents. Patients have their individual quarters, a living room where they could interact with other residents, a garden, a therapy room, clinic, kitchen and so many more. The management allows them to live normally and calls on them when therapy sessions are up.

However, entering a rehabilitation center is not that easy. At first, they keep the patient in one isolated place, totally away from his addiction. As expected, patients have negative reactions to this phase since their bodies couldn’t adopt the new and strict environment or routine they’re into. But after they overcome this stage, everything will go smoothly. The patient will then undergo the non 12 step rehab just like the other residents.

non 12 step rehab

They will live their lives somehow normally. However, they are not allowed to go home because of these steps. They will have some close therapy sessions with their therapists and they have some activities to be fulfilled every now and then.

After quite some time, and that the therapist is certain that their patient is already ready for the real world and has already overcome his addiction already, then they will release him from the rehabilitation center. The center will monitor his behavior outside the center for quite some time.

February 21, 2015

Going with the Harmless Trend

Category: Fitness – Sarah 10:58 am

There are a lot of health trends coming out today and this will really leave us with a lot of choice. Having a lot of options may not always be good since you need to carefully scrutinize those health programs and see if you are fit for the kind of approach they are giving away. Thus, getting fit and healthy requires some deliberation with yourself. So what are the current and most famous health trends today that are all promising you to help you in getting fit and healthy?

Juice dieting are often associated with detoxification. Cleaning your intestines by what you take in is never wrong. Juice diets are really helpful to help promote the work of those fibers in your system but being fully dependent on it may not always be good. How? If you will solely depend your source of nutrients from these crushed fruits and vegetables, you may end up missing the other nutrients that you can get from meat, fish and starch. Your body needs energy and fruits and vegetables may not be enough to give them all to you. Thus, we advise that you seek help from your dietician on this matter.

Getting fit and healthy
And how about those exercise that will habitually make you sweat in a very healthy way? This is totally alright because our body needs to burn out those excess fat that we consumed. Doing a regular exercise is one key to getting fit and healthy. The caution however lies on the capacity of your body to commit from simple to highly complicated exercise programs. Again, there is an expert from which you can seek help and that would be your doctor.

Monitoring what you eat by knowing the amount of calories your body needs in getting fit and healthy is another effective way to a harmless dieting. Thus, keep on doing all of those habits in a very accurate manner for you to optimally derive what you want.

February 19, 2015


Category: General – Sarah 1:08 pm

Are you feeling frustrated or stagnant?

Are you looking for ways to get unstuck and move forward?

Are you feeling more reactive than proactive?

Would you like to:

Find harmony and deep connection with your partner, family and friendships?
Break out of old family habits and patterns?
Feel validated and heard?
Trust yourself and your own intuition?

At Seattle Full Circle Counseling You Will:

Experience growth in a safe, confidential environment. You will be able to build emotionally healthy habits and move toward harmony and deep connection in your relationships.

I have been helping families and couples develop more meaningful, loving relationships for over 12 years. I help individuals, couples, and families break away from old family dynamics and learn the skills necessary to maintain growth and understanding of one another while becoming more in touch with your true self.